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Carpet Cleaning & Storage
Expert Cleaners | Dry cleaners Haidari Attiki - Green Technology carpet cleaners Haidari Attiki


The "Expert Cleaners" dry cleaners located in Attica and more specifically in Haidari, in addition to clothes, are also active in the field of cleaning carpets and rugs, always aiming to offer high quality services at the most competitive prices.

In our modern facilities, our experienced and specialized carpet cleaning staff consistently and professionally takes care of your carpets, from the cheapest carpet to the most expensive handmade carpet, with the absolute respect it really deserves.





We carry out a careful inspection of the carpet to ascertain the type, quality and any areas with difficult stains are identified so that the appropriate cleaning method can be selected.

So then, with attention to detail, we proceed with the proper cleaning of your carpet or carpet.

Carpet Storage

Storing your carpets in our specially designed areas guarantees their proper placement in storage conditions that meet all hygiene requirements, away from moisture, odors or other possible risks that may exist in common warehouses.

When you want to lay your carpets, all you have to do is call us.





We are at your disposal for any question, advice or information. We directly serve Haidari, Dafni, Elefsina and all of Attica.